We met up with members of The Sense Network around Europe, getting to know them, their lifestyles, cities, and their relationship with technology. Taking all the insight into a workshop with selected members and our client we shaped the future of mobile technology.


In a search for the most innovative things going on around the world we turned to members of the network, who acted as our eyes and ears on the ground. Reporting back on the most interesting things going on in their city they helped inspire the future of retail design for one of the worlds leading sports brands.


Wanting to help our client understand how their brand can help relate to and connect with people around the world, we built a community of leading edge individuals from the network. Feeding back on the relevance of current ideas and sharing their own adventures they’ve helped to inspire the future design of the brand.


With an interest in new service ideas our client wanted to co-create with the people who’d actually buy them. We ran an open innovation project on personal data, inviting anyone with an idea to share it, with successful ideas being taken into two hackathons in London and San Francisco to produce future service concepts.

Welcome To The Sense Network

The Sense Network is a global community held together by one sole objective: to make things better and make better things.

We work with Sense Worldwide, a creative consultancy in London, helping to transform businesses. Click here to see some of the projects we've worked on together.

How it all works

When a project arrives in the lap of Sense Worldwide, we work together to decide who will be best matched to help solve the problem - a bit like matchmakers - only we match a business with the people best placed to inspire, educate and help them move forward.

Ways to get involved

When a project goes live we'll drop you an email with a bit about it and what we're looking for. How you can get involved will vary project by project. The activity and the reward will be explained in the invite, it could be anything from a co-creation workshop to help build a future smartphone, an opportunity to report back on the latest cultural events in your city, or to join an online community directly inspiring the design team of a global brand.


We also now run 'shout-outs' this is where we reach out to the network to understand your views on a subject/theme. This is your opportunity to shape the beginning of the project and often get a foot in the door for involvement at a later stage. We tend to ask a few quick questions and offer a prize for one or a couple of winners.

Who can join

We work on a diverse range of projects taking place all over the world, requir- ing all sorts of people, with different backgrounds, ages, skills and passions. No matter what your passion or skill, no matter how niche, we believe it has huge value and want to hear about.

Who's already there

Our members live in over 55 countries and speak 35 languages: everyone from students to surgeons, data scientists to a pagan witch. To find out more about some of the members take a look at our featured sensers here.

Let's get started

Interested in joining us? Simple, just create a profile by clicking 'Register' at the top of the page. The more information you tell us the more we’ll be able to tailor your invites. And remember to tell us about that extreme passion, crazy collection or niche talent!