February 02, 2015

Well here we are - our first update!

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As part of the changes we’ve been making to thesensenetwork.com we have this new aptly named ‘News’ tab.

This is the place to find out about all things ‘Sense Network’. You can find out about new opportunities, what stage we’re at with a project, competition winners and more…

We've also added a new 'People' tab, where you can meet some of your fellow members of the network, find out about their lives, their passions and the cities they live in. Check them out here.

Have any comments? Great! We can now hear them a whole lot easier. We've added disqus for you to add thoughts on projects and even our news posts, so get in touch.

Look out for more news soon including the latest winners of our shout-out competitions.

The Sense Network Team


Maria Winslet

Maria Winslet

Hello! I'm the community manager here at The Sense Network. If you've got any questions about projects, what else you can get involved in or any suggestions please get in touch at maria@senseworldwide.com.