The Sense Network is a global community of smart and articulate individuals that share their collective wisdom to help make things better and make better things. Find out more about some of the people you’ll be joining below.

  • Lina Bou

    Location: Paris

    Lina's a new member to the network and how pleased we are to have her on board. A real enthusiast for living a healthy lifestyle, Lina tells us about her experiences in the food and health industry and why she thinks the fitness world needs a re-design to continue it's growth.

  • Suki Dusanj

    Location: Mumbai

    Meet Suki! She’s one of our sensers in Mumbai, having recently worked with us as a cultural reporter we were keen to find out more. Here she tells us about her experience of working on a Sense Worldwide project, her recommendations on what to see and do in Mumbai and which brands she’d most like to change.

  • Carla Tanaka

    Location: Rio de Janeiro

    Meet Carla, our latest featured senser. Passionate about different cultures and travelling, she gives her recommendations on the must see places in Rio de Janeiro, her hopes for the city with the World Cup and Olympics and an overview of the social movements emerging recently.

  • Natàlia Borrell

    Location: Barcelona

    After meeting up in Barcelona for one of our latest projects, we felt it absolutely necessary to introduce everyone to Natalia, aka Le Petit Pot. With a great knowledge of DIY, craft and 'cute' trends in Barcelona and other cities, she's your go to for DIY tutorials, recommendations on where to get your next 'cute' fix and where the next yarnbombing meet's at.

  • Sindy Varela

    Location: Chicago

    We had the pleasure of meeting with Sindy face to face in Chicago, a truly inspirational person, who showed us one of the best kitchens in Chicago. Here she tells about the diversity in Chicago and the positivity and opportunities she see's for the latest generations. Interested in holistic health, raw food and user experience? She's the girl to collaborate with.

  • Camille Hausheer

    Location: New York

    Want to know about the latest trends in beauty and fragrance? Camille maybe able to shed a light. Working in product development, she listens directly to customers desires, helping to turn them into the latest offerings. Interested in the health movements in New York she comments on the latest craze for healthy desserts.

  • Ricky Dakouny

    Location: Beirut

    Want to find out about the latest trends in Beirut, how the city might change in the next 5 years and how to see the city as a visitor? Ricky, our latest Featured Senser sheds a light on this here. Passionate about discovering new artists and helping them find their place on the 'musical map', Ricky tells us about the struggle they face in getting exposure.

  • Jessica Weber-Patterson

    Location: Berlin

    When you want to know what trends are shaping fashion in a given city, you need to turn to someone deeply immersed in fashion culture day in day out on the ground. Jessica is that person in Berlin, here she spills her wisdom about her adopted home and its sartorial identity.

  • Nakul Jadhav

    Location: Mumbai

    Second hand book markets, Mythological caves, the Gateway of India and the Ganesh festival are must see's according to our Field Senser Nakul, in Mumbai. Whilst working as a screenwriter Nakul delves deep into the mysteries of human behaviour, identifying the "enough information for the moment" attitude.

  • Sina Haghiri

    Location: Berlin

    Sina’s one of our highly trusted members of the Sense Network in Berlin. Having worked with us on many a project, he’s our eyes and ears on the ground reporting back on the latest trends, keeping us updated on what’s new. Here he tells us a bit about the city, it’s abundance of space and the growth of the start-up scene.