Jessica Weber-Patterson

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What do you do and what excites you about it?

I am a Fashion Photographer. Even though I shoot editorials, advertorials, portraiture etc.. More recently my focus has taken the direction of shooting Street-Style. I suppose it's not surprising since I started with this kind of work during Uni at the London College of Fashion many years ago. It's since then that I have been shooting Street-Style and Front/Row images at the international catwalk shows in London, Milan and Paris for magazines such as Elle UK and Grazia.

Since living in Berlin I shoot street-style and fashion events here for various Magazines. I love my job for many reasons. It's very exciting and you never know what is next. When I'm at the shows, there is just such a tension in the air, trying to get that right shot, it's quite a surreal environment but lots of fun at the same time. You meet so many interesting people on the way. When I shoot in Berlin on a day to day basis I love just wandering round the streets and finding new exciting people to shoot. I love exploring new areas too, so it really goes hand in hand with what I do.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I love art. My mother is an artist so I guess I have always been influenced by it. I actually love merging fashion and art in my photography. There is nothing more relaxing than painting or creating collages. My house is full of collages! I also love exploring and am constantly searching for new things to do or places to go.

Does Berlin feed your passions?

100%, this city never stops giving. Every corner you turn there is something new to give you inspiration. I love the graffiti, the classical architecture, side by side with the communist era ones, the bars at the river or the Park, the little streets filled with art, the parties, markets, exhibitions, food.. its just never ending.The city has so much history, culture and vibrancy, an artist can't fail to be inspired.

Are there any trends, cultural shifts or movements coming out of Berlin right now?

Well I know it's slowly but surely becoming the hub of IT start-up companies. Berlin is not a monied city with a financial district so you don't ever see many suits around. I like the idea that this young generation of start-up companies are coming here to set up their companies. It's a shift away from art in a traditional sense and a movement into a digital art of sorts. But it's only natural and in many ways inevitable that Berlin is changing and developing constantly, considering it's only been united for 22 years.

The city is at the forefront of European cinema and hosts the annual,internationally acclaimed, 'Berlinale' Film Festival and is world renowned for its thriving techno scene, boasting hundreds of local dj', producers and clubs. Berghain the biggest club in Berlin was once named the best techno club in the world.

I think the fashion scene is definitely becoming more recognised internationally too, staging its own fashion week twice a year and "Bread and Butter", the biggest urban fashion trade show in Europe, is also held twice a year in Berlin. The creativity and attitude in the city shines through in the fashion designs and styles that come from here, not to mention the fashion parties, with Berliners doing parties better than most!

What kind of projects would you like to get involved in?

I would like to be involved with anything photography related, particularly in fashion, from high-fashion to street-style, fashion events, promo, advertising, editorial, portraiture, look-books, and also travel and documentary.

Who would your dream collaborators be?

Oh that is so difficult. I could name about 100 people in the industry I would like to work with. I have always had this dream to do some work with Vivienne Westwood, as I love how her designs had such a big influence onto a generation and how she has sustained such a big fashion house to this day and made herself iconic, without taking herself too seriously. Apart from Vivienne, I would love to collaborate with new fashion houses and/or new magazines or projects that a company is taking on. I love being part of something fresh and would love to get into something at the ground floor so to speak, as it means I can have more input in proceedings and experiment more with ideas. Besides there is always such a buzz and togetherness about creating something new in a team, thats what I love!

If you could improve just one thing in the world what would it be?

Poverty and inequality. There is more than enough money and there are more than enough resources to feed, clothe and house every human on the planet adequately! This should be a priority, homelessness is unacceptable in this world!

Finally can you recommend some sources of inspiration for you online?

I really couldn't single one out as there are just so many sites I trawl trough to find inspiration. I can tell you though that I really like Pinterest for being able to pin all the things that provide me with inspiration together in one place, it is extremely helpful for me and saves me lots of time.

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Jessica Weber-Patterson

Jessica Weber-Patterson

Jessica is an enormously talented fashion photographer who provides us with an invaluable eye on the emerging fashion capital of Berlin through her street style photography and cultural awareness.