Ricky Dakouny

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What do you do and what excites you about it?

Through Tarte Aux Poires, an alternative event company and strategic experiential creators, I aim to constantly evolve and develop general perceptions and trends in Beirut by bringing freshly baked, genius and genuine content through events, gatherings and happenings. The exciting part is challenging common understandings and basic rules, pushing the boundaries of people by always asking for innovation.

What are you passionate about when you're not working?

Artists’ discovery, management and promotion; I have worked with so many of them through the years (singers, visual artists…), and I’m still discovering incredible talents every day. I have never done this for money, but have helped place artists I’ve uncovered in regional gigs and getting their name known. The greatest pleasure is when you hear people screaming their names, where as a small deception is when those artists forget what you did for them and that sometimes one phone call is life changing.
Separately, turning life sustainable – save what is left.

How does Beirut feed your passions?

By allowing me to discover new talents everyday & supporting them. Many new rising geniuses seem frustrated with the current situation and lack of exposure they get. The artists are brutal in their thinking, genuine, and they aim to make themselves heard. Their problem is the need to have a side job, which allows them to survive and cover their daily expenses. I can't say I am their perfect manager, however, I always help in making contacts, promotion or setting up events, which helps place them on the musical map on both a local and regional level.

What would you recommend that a visitor to Beirut should see or do while they’re there?

Having a local friend is the best thing to do in Beirut; and it's easy to achieve. We love meeting up with new people and having new experiences. A friend would take you to so many happenings and parties, which are somewhat more private. Landmarks are fine to visit, and easily found through guides; but the beauty of Beirut is behind its cosmopolitan, the people and the diversity.

Are there any trends, cultural shifts or movements emerging in Beirut right now that really excite you?

Fashion and arts are rising fast. Our artists are becoming global one after the other. Since the existence of Lebanon, we knew how to mix eastern and western culture and create a middle ground relaying both cultures. This makes us unique, but sound familiar and approachable to everyone. There is also a rising trend in ‘back to basics’ that looks interesting: in food, arts, architecture and even on a social and humane level.

What do you think the major changes in Beirut will be in the next 5 years?

The ‘back to basic’ and ‘genuine’ culture would make sure Beirut does not fall into the plastic, soulless trend of evolution happening. Beirut will be back on the must visit cities for its genuine offering, based on international standards and not vice-versa – international feel, slightly adapted to the market. This is the trend in good cities anyway.

What kind of projects would you like to get involved in with the sense network?

Events, arts, brand development, anything linked to local culture and evolving it or making fresh sense or juice out of it.

Which brand would you most like to have an influence on and how would you like them to change?

Dynamic young brands or genuine produce: we need to make sure all brands are earth conscious and humane. Sustainability is not a marketing trick, or a sales argument – it is a must have label on all brands. Therefore the use of sustainable resources, fair trade, involves local producers and green aspects are a must in any current brand creation.

If you could improve just one thing in the world what would it be?

Turn selfishness into collaborative.

Is there anything you'd like to share with the rest of The Sense Network?

No one visits Beirut just once! Everyone comes again and makes new lifetime friends! Come to us! ☺

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Ricky Dakouny

Ricky Dakouny