Lina Bou

Hi Lina, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a nutritional therapist, who loves learning, teaching and I enjoy life. I’ve worked in the health and food scene for over five years. I studied herbal & functional medicine in Stockholm for two years and also Journalism.

Ready for a new challenge, experience and city I moved to Paris in 2012 – “without anything”, where I started working in a Café as Assistant Manager responsible for its healthy food. Now I am working at Epicerie General (organic and French quality food store). Besides that, I serve my recipes (granola, cakes & bars) at Café Chilango in Paris, I organise workshops, spread my word and recipes on my website and also have some of my own clients as I do health consultations. I’m also working on putting my own book together.

What do you do and what excites you about it?

One of the things I do is write about the effects of herbs and other foods effects on our body and system. I am excited by inspiring and teaching people about something that has an effect on their everyday life. Going back to nature and understanding the meaning of real, whole and natural foods is so important to me. I try to make it simple – because there are a lot of “extremes” out there, but how do you inspire and motivate the busy parent and the poor student?
Also, I exercise and practice yoga. I have always been active and through experience I know how your performance, energy and strength is effected by your diet. It makes me even more curious and motivated.

Are you working on any personal projects?

I am working on my own website, and also on a book about health, food and lifestyle. It includes food recipes, but also skin & body care recipes, information about ingredients and about our mindset and exercise, together with beautiful photos and design. It’s the perfect lifestyle book.

Lina featured in Niepi magazine, a gluten free food magazine.

What do you find most inspiring about your city? And what would you recommend a visitor should see or do?

The art scene in Paris is fantastic. Also, just walk around the city and take notice of the beautiful old buildings in all the different parts. What I really like about Paris, is the beautiful people I met here, from all around the world, there’s an amazing community and it is easy to fly or go to another city from here. My personal advice, is to get in contact with people who live here and not get stuck in the tourist-trap. You can miss so much of the fantastic city and spend so much unnecessary money on bad food, unfortunately…

Are there any trends, cultural shifts or movements emerging in Barcelona right now that really excite you?

I think the trend towards local, natural and wild is a new trend but hopefully also a movement. People seem to be seeking healthier options, not only because it’s very fashionable, but also because it makes you feel better.

What do you think the major changes in Paris will be in the next 5 years?

The food industry! I think the new wave – finally – is coming, with more healthy and locally produced food!

Which brand would you most like to have an influence on and how would you like them to change?

Big question! Something I would like to influence is the baby food companies, because they use so many bad ingredients that are unnecessary and harmful for babies. Uninformed young parents feed their children and trust the baby food companies to serve the best food. This, is a BIG problem in France. Parents need companies to provide good quality food and useful information.
Another thing. The sports brands and how they market and design their products. The whole fitness world here is very manly. I would like to see them try to reach every person, including insecure women and inspire them to jump in those shoes and do sports and feel comfortable. For example, I would love to see NIKE doing more women's clothes and shoes, and also other brands making it available for students and others with low income. Like a cheaper quality-brand for sports that inspire everyone to move!

Is there anything you'd like to share with the rest of The Sense Network?

There is so much to share in this world, and let’s just make it together! I am really looking forward to see how this is going to develop.

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Lina Bou

Lina Bou