• February 10, 2016

    What's Your Home Aroma?

    Our latest project is all about the products you rely on to make a space, be it your home, work space or elsewhere, smell the way you want it to. We're looking to talk to die hard fans of specific brands / products to understand what keeps them loyal.

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  • January 12, 2016

    Does Music Fade From Your Life As You Get Older?

    The folks at Sonos often find themselves talking to people who listen to less music than they used to, particularly in their own home. They are hoping to understand this phenomenon a little better – with your help. Win up to £100 + 30% off Sonos products.

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  • December 20, 2015

    We're looking for a Project Manager

    We’re looking for a new Project Manager to help us work more efficiently. This is a pivotal role within the business, linking the projects and their resourcing with the finances and the wider administration of the studio.

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  • December 04, 2015

    What's The Role Of Music In Your Life?

    Our latest project is in collaboration with Sonos. Together we're exploring the role music plays in different people's lives around the world. We're looking to hear from a range of different people, all with one thing in common... their love for music.

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