• October 05, 2015

    What Would 'Product X' Do For You?

    After exploring what’s important to different people around the world when it comes to their home, we’re now looking to explore how you protect your home and keep it clean, what you look for in products and what gives you peace of mind in the products you choose.

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  • September 15, 2015

    What Makes A House A Home?

    This week we want to hear what makes a house a home for you personally, what your home provides for you, is it a functional or emotional relationship and what can change your feelings, negatively or positively. We're offering prizes for the top 3 responses!

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  • September 08, 2015

    The Future Of Travel

    Our latest project is all about getting from A to B. We’re exploring the makeup of everyday journeys, how people get around and how the experiences could be made better in the future. Tell us about your current and ideal journeys for a chance of winning one of two GoPro's.

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  • August 06, 2015

    We're Looking For A New Member Of The Team

    We’re on the hunt for someone new to join the Sense Worldwide team, a chance to work closely with the fantastic members of The Sense Network and to join a friendly, innovative company with lots of exciting things ahead of it.

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