April 08, 2016

What's Hot In Your City?

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Cultural Reporter

We’re looking for people (aged 16-26) to work with us as cultural reporters in Stockholm and Copenhagen, you’ll be our eyes and ears on the ground, reporting back on the most interesting places and things in your city from your perspective. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, read on...

The project involves uncovering what’s going on in Stockholm and Copenhagen right now. We’re looking to connect with people from different scenes, industries and with different interests who can show us the most interesting and creative side of these two cities as they see it.

Your role will involve taking photos, video and notes to share with our team in London. We’ll also want to get to know more about you – what you’re interested in, your personal style and what inspires you. As part of the project we’ll be asking you to invite a friend to join you on some tasks capturing things that you do together.

We’ll be setting you a few tasks and giving you the time between the 25th April - 13th May to complete them, so please make sure you’ll be around in your city for most of that period.

Who we’re looking for:
- We’re looking to understand the city from the perspective of those aged 16-26
- You’ll be passionate about an activity, which can be anything from skating to styling.
- You’ll treat the city (Stockholm or Copenhagen) like your back garden and you’re always looking for new things to explore and experience. 
*No previous professional experience required* 

As a thank you for your time we’ll be offering $120 (USD) for you as the main participant and we’ll be giving your friends $80 for their involvement. 

If you have any questions get in touch via maria@senseworldwide.com

Recruitment closed

Project Manager

Maria Winslet

Maria Winslet

Hello! I'm the community manager here at The Sense Network. If you've got any questions about projects, what else you can get involved in or any suggestions please get in touch at maria@senseworldwide.com.