April 17, 2013

Sense Worldwide Wants To Meet You!

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Sense Worldwide is taking a road trip, with the route set, we're now on the search for interesting people to meet up with along the way - and you could be one of them.

Recap for those who are just getting involved, last week we said: "Sense Worldwide is taking a road trip… and we want you to inspire our whole route."

We gave you 24 hours to tell us about the most inspiring city/country you've been to in Europe, whether you call it home or visited briefly - if you were inspired we wanted to know about it and why you thought we should visit. 

Thanks to the great recommendations from all those who contributed, we've shortlisted 7 cities across Europe and want to meet people in each city who have an interesting story to tell; unusual experiences, lifestyle choices and passions.

If you'd like to meet, please tell us a bit about yourself by completing a few questions on the next page. Depending on the amount of time we spend with you, you could receive up to £160/€180 as a thank you. 

You must be available on the following dates for your city. 

London 24-26 April
Copenhagen 28-30 April
Berlin 30 April, 1-2 May
Prague 2-3 May
Vienna 3-4 May
Marseille 6-7 May
Barcelona 9-11 May

Hope to see you soon!

Recruitment closed

Project Manager

Maria Winslet

Maria Winslet

Hello! I'm the community manager here at The Sense Network. If you've got any questions about projects, what else you can get involved in or any suggestions please get in touch at maria@senseworldwide.com.