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Expand your mind. A global community of creatives, outliers, misfits, rebels, and the crazy ones.

About Us

Most social networks bring together those that are the same. At The Sense Network we celebrate those who see things differently and think differently. Expand your mind. Feed your curiosity. Challenge the status quo. Collaborate with misfits, rebels, the crazy ones and those from worlds unlike your own. 

The Sense Network is a place to collaborate. To make things better and make better things; for people, planet and business.

Why You Should Join The Sense Network

  1. Help shape the future of brands… as part of this global community, you get exclusive access to participate in paid innovation projects for a stellar lineup of global brands, including Nike, Sonos, MTV, PepsiCo, Bupa and Kellogg's.

  2. Collaborate, refine and build on your ideas… you can collaborate with other members on creative ideas. Whether you want constructive feedback on your own idea, or want to help someone else with theirs, The Sense Network has like-minded members to work with.

  3. Connect with Sensers from around the world… meet locally and globally through events designed to foster meaningful connections with like-minded people from worlds unlike your own. From face-to-face supper clubs to virtual Zoom meetups, we have options for all geographies.

  4. Learn something new… engage in discussions, take part in surveys, attend webinars; open your eyes to new perspectives and viewpoints with The Sense Network.

A Big Thanks!

The Sense Network is nothing without its members. At 5,000 strong and always growing, it is a flourishing space for creative thinkers and curious people to expand their minds. Thanks to everybody who has already joined.

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