July 13, 2016

Sound In The Home

Recruitment closed

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We’re looking to hear from people who own or are thinking of purchasing any type of audio equipment for their TV/Video setup. Whether that’s a Home Cinema System, Soundbar, Sub or Playbar. We’ll be hitting up London, Seattle and Hamburg in August to interview people about their lives, passions and interests whilst exploring audio experience in the home. 


What are we looking for?

1. We’re looking for people living in London, Seattle or Hamburg.

2. People who are considering purchasing audio equipment for their TV/Video setup.

3. People who already own audio equipment for their TV/Video setup.


What’s involved?

There’s two ways to be involved in this project:

1. We’ll be selecting a number of people to share their first time buying experiences by completing a diary at home.

2. We’ll be visiting homes in London, Seattle and Hamburg to spend 3-4 hours getting to know more about you, your life and experiences. We’ll be filming the interview and also asking to accompany you on a visit to a local Audio System Store.


What’s in it for me?

Depending on your involvement we’ll be offering an incentive between £150 - £325.


Next Steps…

If you’re interested in being involved click ‘Apply Now’ to tell us a bit about yourself, we’ll then be in touch with a few follow up questions and to discuss how you might be involved.


Deadline: We’re looking to confirm who we’ll meet ASAP. Deadline Friday 29th July 2017

Know someone who might be interested? Share the link to get them involved:


Recruitment closed