November 01, 2016

Sonos Echo Chamber

Recruitment closed

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We’re hot on the trail for fresh members to join our community for Sonos… 


OK, by now you know the score - we’ve been working with the guys over at Sonos for some time now. Late last year they set the challenge to take them into the homes of music lovers around the world and get their team fired up. ‘Great!’ we thought, ‘If there’s one thing we know well, it’s finding interesting people!’ We did not disappoint. During December 2015 we visited New York, Paris and London to interview people, in home, about their lifestyle, values and relationship with music. From a retired DJ with an awe-inspiring record collection, a food blogger in Berlin and a software engineer balancing family life with building robots, we covered all bases. To say we were blown away by the standard of applications is an understatement. We were hungry for more!


The big question for the Sense team, 'How can we connect with these folks more often and bring them into the heart of Sonos?' And lo, Sonos Echo Chamber was born; a community of 30 people from 10 global cities all sharing a love of music and design. The community was officially launched in April 2016 and we’ve had a truly awesome first few months. Building on this success, we’re now looking to bring some fresh members into the fold. 


What’s The Deal?

We want to hear from people who love listening to music and are passionate about design in their home. This is your opportunity to get an insider view on a leading home audio brand whilst helping shape their future direction. You’ll be in the company of other articulate and creative people, it’s a great chance to make new friends with similar passions.


For this recruit, we’re focussing on the following cities: London, Boston, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Munich, Melbourne, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Toronto. We’re looking for people native to the country that they live in, or at least have spent a significant amount of time living there.


What’s Involved?

If you’re invited to join Sonos Echo Chamber you’ll be given login details to an online platform where we’ll share a new challenge each month. The tasks will vary, they could be about you and your life or we might ask for your creative input and feedback on live concepts from Sonos HQ. Each task will take around 30 mins - 1 hour. After each task we’ll send between $80 - $150 your way as a thank you for your time and contribution. 


We’re also really excited about potential opportunities for face-to-face meet ups with members of the Sonos team and other community members. If these happen, we will provide you due notice, cover your costs such as flights etc and we’ll compensate you accordingly. The most important thing we’ll ask of you is your openness and creativity. 

Not bad, right?


Sounds Great, How Do I Apply?

If you’d like to apply, click ‘Apply Now’ to tell us a little bit about yourself. If you haven’t created a profile on The Sense Network you’ll be asked to do that, otherwise make sure you sign in to submit your application.


If you know someone else who might be interested in joining please share the following link with them If they’re successful in making it onto the project we’ll pay you a £40 referral fee. Just make sure they mention you in their application!


If you have any questions, please email


Thanks and good luck!


Recruitment closed

Project Manager

Rebecca Dowell

Rebecca Dowell

I'm Rebecca, or Bambi Dexter, as my social media name states. I'm Community Manager here at Sense Worldwide. I live in East London and love to enjoy all the amazing things this city has to offer. I'm a devout Milkshake Addict, a peanut putter and chocolate shake is my ultimate vice.