November 24, 2016

Let's make a bigger dent in the universe

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Welcome to 1999, the Backstreet Boys are top of the charts, Lance Armstrong has ‘won’ his first Tour De France and the colossal dotcom bubble is just about to go POP. Meanwhile, in London a handful of creatives are meeting up in galleries, coffee shops and the occasional cheeky London boozer to chat about… well erm.. whatever the hell they feel is important in the creative world! The humble beginnings of The Sense Network. Turns out we were actually onto something pretty damn cool. This collective grew into a global community of smart people passionate about exchanging ideas and discussing the world around them. We called them our ‘Sensers’.


Now some of you have been with us from the start, maybe you remember some of the cool stuff we’ve already done? If not, here’s a little taster. We launched A4art in 2002, an exhibition in Amsterdam showcasing art created from Sensers all over the world using just a single sheet of A4 paper. Next up, NoWax, our nod to the emergent revolution of digital music, believe it or not MP3 was once a pioneering technology! The concept was simple, bring down your iPod, take a ticket and wait in line to wow the crowd with the finest tunes you got. Amongst other creative projects we’ve also collaborated with Sensers around the world to inspire some of the world’s leading brands; Pepsi, Converse, Samsung, Sonos, MTV and Nike.


Flash forward to 2016 and there’s never been a better time to be trading in creativity and collaboration. New technologies increasingly allow us to collaborate with our network in both online and offline spaces, whilst a ‘creative awakening’ is leading more people to test their imagination and engage in creative pursuits. Recently we can’t help but reflect upon the dent we’ve made in your universe (call it end of year nostalgia) and something tells us we’ve neglected our creative spirit when it comes to you guys - The Sense Network. The good news is, admission is the first step to recovery!


There are two things we’re pretty certain of; the role of creativity in shaping our future and the power of collaboration. With this in mind we’d like to invite you, our creative thinkers and doers, to share your feedback and help inspire the next iteration of this creative network. 


Whoever you are, old Senser, new Senser, creative mastermind or part-time poet, we want to hear from you!


Here are the 3 big Q’s (now be honest!):


  •  What attracted you to get involved with The Sense Network in the first place?
  •  What do you appreciate about the things we do?
  •  How do you think we could collaborate with our Network better?


So what is next for The Sense Network? It starts here!


Recruitment closed